Paperwork Made Easy: Our Documentation Service Guides Students with Expertise and Care for a Smooth Study Abroad Experience.

Our consultancy is committed to facilitating a seamless documentation process for students aspiring to pursue education in Japan. Recognizing the dynamic nature of visa requirements, we ensure that students are well-informed by directing them to the required information through the assistance of official website of the Embassy of Japan or the Consulate General in their region for the most up-to-date information.

Essential Documents

Essential documents for a Japanese visa application includes:

  • a Certificate of Eligibility,
  • a valid passport,
  • completed visa forms,
  • recent passport-sized photos,
  • an acceptance letter from the educational institution,
  • academic certificates,
  • proof of financial means,
  • a copy of the flight itinerary,
  • details about accommodation,
  • proof of health insurance, and
  • any additional required documents like a letter of guarantee or sponsor's residence certificate if applicable.

We help you with

Our dedicated team guides students through the entire process of studying in Japan, starting with obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility. We provide detailed assistance in preparing essential documents, such as passports, visa forms, acceptance letters, and academic certificates. Additionally, our support extends to demonstrating financial capability, securing health insurance, and arranging accommodation. Emphasizing the importance of early application, our team offers ongoing support, ensuring students are fully prepared and confident for their academic journey in Japan.